KISARA PKBI Bali ; A English Profile

(Kita Sayang Remaja/We Love Youth)

Youth Information and Counseling Center

KISARA (Kita Sayang Remaja/We Love Youth) is a NGO that cares about youth issues, to provide peer mentoring for the provision of information and counseling, so KISARA was a Youth Information and Counseling Center

Kisara was establish on May 14th 1994, which is an organization under the auspices of PKBI Bali. Members of KISARA called volunteers. All volunteers are teenagers. KISARA itself was formed out of a sense concerned with reproductive health problems among young people such as sex before married, teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections (STI’s), HIV and AIDS, including drug abuse.

KISARA’s Activity :

  1. Counseling services: via phone, mail, face to face and also through email. KISARA also parenting columns in the media consultation paper
  2. Lectures, discussions and seminars conducted at schools, colleges, village hall, and other friends with different abilities
  3. Information through the media of radio broadcasts on a regular basis and also via television
  4. Conduct training for teenagers such as training of basic information about reproductive health, HIV and AIDS, drugs, counseling techniques, and presentation techniques
  5. Campaign routine in the AIDS candlelight memorial, World AIDS Day, International Youth Day, and more.
  6. KISARA Youth Clinic, and more

KISARA Youth Clinic (Klinik Remaja Kisara)

From 1st September 2008, KISARA Youth  Clinic (KYC) set up in line with the IYC projects supported by the Ford Foundation. This clinic was built as a form of fulfillment of the rights of young people to access youth friendly services. Youth friendly services means services provided do not discriminate against teens. KYC provides a package of public health services for adolescents, examination of blood tension, blood test, color blindness test, reproductive health counseling, STI’s, and others. Other than medical services, KYC also conduct health promotion activities and free treatment every month. KYC open every day from 9 am to 9 pm. For more information can contact on (0361) 9105250, or on web


KISARA office :

3rd floor of the PKBI Bali building,

Jl. Gatot Subroto IV/6, Denpasar-Bali

Telp. (0361) 430200, Fax : (0361) 430214

Web : ; email :

Blog :


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