Sperm Analysis In Aging Male ; A Descriptive Study

Free Paper Presentation on Satellite Symposium of The 10th International Congress of Andrology (ICA) in Conjunction with The 3rd National Congress of Indonesian Andrologist Association (PERSANDI),                                          Hotel Aerowisata Sanur Beach Denpasar, February 19-21th 2013

by :

(I Gusti Ngurah Pramesemara)

 Staff Of Andrology And Sexology Departement

Medical Faculty Of Udayana University

email : pramareola14@ymail.com




Aging is a natural process that occurs in the life of every human being and often the aging process cause health problems, but with the advances in medical science and technology are now able to decelerate and even  prevent the aging process. The causes of the aging process come from internal and external factors (Pangkahila, 2007). The variety of signs and symptoms of physical or psychic will arise due to aging process, including that occurs in the function of male reproductive organs, such as disturbances in sperm analysis (Shoemaker, 2006).


Materials And Methods

Literatures study to provide all descriptions about the function of reproductive organs in aging male, mainly related to the condition of the sperm analysis.


In elderly women going through menopause phase as well as in older men experiencing andropause or often called testosterone deficiency syndrome (TDS). These conditions arise due to decreased hormone levels of the hypothalamic – pituitary – androgens axis (AIS, 2006). In aging male that over the age of 45 years old  found decreased Leydig cell numbers (Neaves, 1984) also decreased in semen volume due to ejaculatory ducts disorders (Evenson, 2007).

Sperm analysis in aging male obtain decreased in the ratio of sperm production causing decreased in sperm count (Adam, 2000), but rather found increased in the concentration of sperm of semen (Nieschlag, 1982). In aging men, the fewer sperm were  founded with optimal motility and normal morphology, so many sperm are not able to achieve even not able to penetrate the egg (Silber, 2006).

Decline in the quality and quantity of sperm resulting in fertilization ability of sperm become abnormal (Shoemaker, 2006). In aging male also found increased in the frequency of sperm chromosome abnormalities (Martin, 1987) that affect increased the risk of genetic disorders in the offspring (Lian, 1986) and most likely the sperm chromosomal abnormalities will appear in his offspring (Schill, 2006).


Several physiological alternations found in aging male that affect the function of reproductive organs, especially on the sperm analysis. Almost all of the characteristics of sperm analysis become changes that tend to decrease.

Key Words : Sperm Analysis, Aging Male




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